About Us

The Gridmaster Raffle Ticket Preparation and Presentation system is the most efficient, organised and popular methods of selling Quick-Fire raffles for fund raising. The Gridmaster raffle ticket system originated in New Zealand and is used by over 3000 organisations within New Zealand.

Our raffle ticket preparation and presentation system is quick, simple and fun to use. It provides you with a streamlined, fast and efficient way to sell raffles for fundraising, removing the need for the cumbersome and hard to manage cloakroom books and ticket rolls. In two simple steps (see video) your raffle is presented for sale. Each Gridmaster holds up to 50 tickets. We can supply:

1-25′s (Run 1 or 2 Raffles per Gridmaster)
1-100′s (2 Gridmasters required)
1-150′s (3 Gridmasters required)
1-200′s (4 Gridmasters required)
1-300’s  (6 Gridmasters required)
1-400’s  (8Gridmasters required)

With Gridmaster ticket buyers see at a glance what numbers are available, and rush up early to get their favourite number!

Fund raising with the Gridmaster raffle ticket board

Due to the flexible nature of the raffle ticket board, it is the perfect solution for selling raffle tickets as a way to fund raise for all types of organisations. Here are just a few types of organisations that use the Gridmaster Raffle Ticket system.

  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Sports clubs such as including rugby clubs, soccer clubs, fishing clubs, dart clubs, snooker clubs, 8 Ball clubs and many more
  • Service groups
  • School Fundraising Committees
  • Political parties
  • Retirement villages
  • Private Fundraisers.


The Gridmaster raffle ticket board is made of durable shock resistant ABS Acryllic, so will take most knocks and drops that can occur.

Running raffles the Quick-Fire way

Fundraising is often carried out by people who provide their time voluntarily and have limited time available to organise and run fund raising events. Our system is set up to minimise the time required to fund raise. If you would like to know more about how to run a Quick-fire raffle please refer to our Running a Quick Fire Raffle page.

For more information

Thank you for visiting our website. If you would like to know more about our Gridmaster raffle ticket board please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

Greg Bundle
Director, Raftec NZ Ltd