How to run a raffle for fundraising

Running raffles is a great way for clubs and other groups to fund raise. The following guidelines on how to sell raffle tickets for fund raising will work for most countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA.

To help you run raffles by selling raffle tickets the quick-fire way we have listed the steps we suggest you should follow below.

  1. Select your venue
  2. Get the owner or managers approval
  3. Check out the gaming regulations regarding “games of chance” in your area
  4. Choose your selling point
    It may be from a bar leaner; purpose built raffle room, or you may decide to sell tickets by moving amongst your members. Whatever method you use, BE CONSISTENT with the days and time of day you sell. People will come in and look for you when they arrive. Decide how many tickets you will sell per raffle, and again be consistent. You may find it is more popular selling fewer tickets per raffle but more raffles over your selling period. It may take a little while to establish a pattern.
  5. Set your ticket price
    For example if you are selling 50 tickets per raffle at $2.00 per ticket, you will gross $100.00. Next decide what percent profit you want for the organization you are running the raffle for. Don’t be too ambitious – buyers want to see value for bucks! If it is say 30% you will have $30.00 profit and $70.00 for prizes. You may decide to have 3 prizes per raffle at; first price = $40.00, second price = $20.00 and third prize = $10.00. We suggest that you keep the tickets per raffle conservative to start with so they sell quickly.
  6. Arrange your supplier
    For example, it might be your local butcher. I’m sure he will be only too happy to give you a great deal on $10, $20 and $40.00 meat packs for a mention of his business in return
  7. Cash raffles
    Cash raffles are always popular so if you have a big night, throw in a few cashies to satisfy demand.
  8. ORDER YOUR GRIDMASTER and raffle ticket sheets
    Decide how many raffle ticket boards you need and which raffle ticket sheets you require such as 1-25, 1-30, 1-40 etc. As well as the ticket sheets that you order in your first order, we will include some additional ticket sheets of different denomination to which you order at NO CHARGE, so you don’t get caught out if you need to run a smaller or larger raffle.
  9. Drawing the winning number
    Do you have a method for drawing the winning number? You can use things like numbered bottle tops or we can supply you with brightly coloured numbered drawing marbles to help you with this. To make things even more fun for your buyers, use the combination of our drawing marbles and our spinning raffle barrels. Not only does the barrel provide some visual entertainment and suspense for your buyers, you can store your marbles safely in the barrel. This will help you avoid accidentally losing your marbles.
  10. Advertise your raffles
    Let everyone know that you are going to be running a Quick-fire raffle, or a series of Quick-fire raffles, with great prizes to support…whomever. Remember to mention the day(s)/night(s) and time you are going to start. You will be amazed once you get going, what a big part of the night out your raffles become for people!
    Your Gridmaster has arrived. Make sure you practice loading the board a few times before the big night. Loading the board is an impressive sight in itself, as your buyers watch the tickets instantly pop up. As with your selling point, develop a consistent way of letting everyone know that is it raffle time. It could be by waving the raffle board in the air at the start to attract attention and indicate that it’s raffle time!

Please don’t hesitate to e-mail/fax us if you have any questions regarding running quick-fire raffles. With over 24 years experience, there is not much that stumps us about running raffles. We are the experts!