What is a Quick-fire raffle?

A Quick-fire raffle is a raffle in which the tickets are sold and the winning number is drawn in short period of time, for example within 10 minutes to half an hour.

This type of raffle is more efficient than taking names and dragging it out over a week as the process is all over very quickly and people get to take their prize home that day/night.

Remember, most people buy games of chance such as raffles, lottery tickets etc on impulse, so the quicker it is sold and drawn, the sooner they can buy the next one!

Prizes are only limited to your imagination and budget. Consider what would be attractive to raffle buyers in your area, the time of year, the age and sex of your buyers, what they do for a living etc.

Suggested prizes can include:

  • Cash
  • Packs such as meat, fish or grocery packs
  • Vouchers such as meat, grocery, garden or alcohol (if regulations allow)