Gridmaster Raffle Ticket Dispenser

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The Gridmaster Raffle Ticket Dispenser is a quick fire raffle ticket preparation and dispensing system.

You no longer need to fumble around with books or rolls of raffle tickets. Our strong and sturdy raffle ticket dispenser has been custom designed to instantly prepare and present raffle tickets for sale.

Depending on demand some colours may be temporarily out of stock.

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Each ticket is automatically individually separated and attached to the board by perforation’s that allow it to be quickly and easily torn off making selling raffles a fast, hassle free and fun experience!

Small or large raffles!
The Gridmaster Raffle Ticket Board is suitable for small raffles of 25 tickets right up to large raffles of 400 tickets or more.

Each Gridmaster holds up to 50 raffle tickets. The raffle ticket sheets available include 1-25 tickets, 1-30 tickets, 1-40 tickets, 1-50 ticket, 1-100 tickets, 1-150 tickets, and 1-200 tickets, 1-300 Tickets and 1-400 Tickets..

To sell 100 tickets you would use two boards, one board with a sheet numbered 1-50 and the other board with a sheet numbered 51-100. Alternatively you can use one board and sell the sheet numbered 1-50 first then the sheet numbered 51-100.

For 150 tickets you would need up to three boards, or sell each of the three ticket sheets one after the other. For 200 tickets you will need up to four boards. Alternatively you could sell them in lots of 100′s using two boards, or sell each of the four ticket sheets one after the other using one board.

To make selling raffles even easier, use the Change Tray with the raffle board. The Change Tray is designed to hold a small amount of change, enabling the seller to have one free hand.

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Dimensions: 29cm wide, 37cm long, 4.5 cm high
Weight: 1kg
Material: ABS shock resistant Acrylic
Guarantee: 2 years for any manufacturing defects.